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I'm currently playing the role of King Agnarr (King of Arendelle) in

Disney's hit musical Frozen on Broadway at the St. James Theatre.

It's a joy helping bring this story to life eight times a week!

I first fell in love with acting after seeing a show in my hometown in North Carolina and it wasn't long before I was auditioning and acting in films and television shows that filmed in the southeast. My biggest dream was always Broadway and after moving to New York City I landed work in Off-Broadway shows and Broadway national tours.

I was also lucky enough to get to work at a lot of great regional theatres around the USA.

I took time off from working as an actor to earn my M.F.A. degree from New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

I act to show the fullness of African-American male humanity through my work and I feel privileged to get to do that every time I step on a stage or in front of a camera.